Carpet Color Repair

Outstanding Professional Carpet Color Repair In Indianapolis!

Carpets at flooring have their own charm. The rustic look of the carpets gives off an ancient look but, at the same time, is extremely functional and durable. Over the years your carpets lose their original color due to frequent wash. Most of the homeowners heed for replacement of carpets because restoring the original color is very difficult. The dirt and debris are stuck in fibers and ask you to invest more for carpet replacement. But instead of spending lots of money, you can get your surface color repair by experts from PGF Carpet & Floor Care. Our professionals provide the best carpet color repair services in Indianapolis.

Need Professional Assistance To Restore Your Carpet Color !

Sadly, vacuum and mopping may clean the dirt on a carpet. But you will notice a dullness on the surface. PGF Carpet and Floor Care can help by repairing your carpet color professionally in Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Avon, Brownsburg, Zionsville. If you need to hire us for professional carpet color repair services, then call us at (317) 631 6475 to talk to our consultant. Moreover, we also clean carpet, upholstery, tile & grout, and rug professionally.

Bleach Spot & Rug Color Restoration

Rugs that have faded from sun light or chemical exposure may be restored back to their original color through the expert color restoration services of PGF Carpet and Floor Care. Our dyes are guaranteed to be permanent and colorfast, a freshly dyed carpet may be walked on immediately. Our process is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. If your facility has logo walk on mats, we are able to give your mats a full color restoration. We are certified in color restoration.

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Full Room Carpet Dyeing

PGF Carpet & Floor Care can fully restore the color back into your facility’s carpet, saving you up to 50 to 80% on replacing your carpeting.

Expert carpet dyeing can save a facility a great deal of money, as the cost is from 50% — 80% less expensive than the cost of premature carpet replacement, depending on the grade and condition of the carpet. 

In a building that has 2500 square feet of carpeted area, the cost of replacing the carpet with a medium grade, may cost $8,000. Re-dyeing the existing carpet could cost $2,000 or less; thus realizing a savings of $6,000, (75% less than new carpet).

Here is an example picture of what we call a full-room dye. This process can be accomplished in one day depending on the size of the area that we have to restore the color back in.

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Our Cleaning Reviews

PGF did an amazing job with the challenge of cleaning our carpet. Our dog had an accident on it, after cleaning you could not tell. Prompt, professional, and polite. Next time carpets need to be cleaned I will have them come back.
Sandy N